Dr. Dolittle

At a time when escapism into fantastical worlds of adventure is much needed, we’re so excited to be able to share our work on the prologue of Universal Pictures’ Dolittle.

Taking this from concept through character design, storyboarding, animation and delivery, we utilised a balance of 3D and 2D animation techniques to create a unique look to an opening that sets the scene and pulls at the heartstrings.

We couldn’t be prouder of our team that worked on this and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Javier Verdugo
Adrian Garcia

VFX Producer
Rebecca Johnson

VFX Coordinator
Anna Gispert

Concept & Design
Alexis Liddell
David Alcarria
Guy Pérez
Hugo Rodriguez
Jordi Lafebre

Color Grading
Dani Granado

3D Artists
Abner Marin
Carlos Cortés
Gabriela Di Vincenzo
Gergely Wootsch
Ignacio Santalla
Jonas Nunes
Jose Manuel Linares
Juan Muñoz
Luis Gaspardo
Marcel Hita
Marco Rossi
Oriol Doménech
Victor Vinyals

3D Animation
Daniela Avilés
Ellis Kayin
Fernando García-Sotoca
Hugo Garcia
Julio Lorenzo
Maxime Delalande
Pablo Heras

2D Animation Supervisor
Pablo Navarro

2D Animation
Alain Vu
Ezequiel Cruz
Javi Vaquero
Josep Bernaus
Libardo Bohórquez
Toni Sala

2D Compositing Supervisor
Carlos Sotilla

Edu Puertas
Ivan Cipriani
Karen Weiss

2D Clean-up
Amanda Garcia
Eva Puyuelo
Joel Morales
Macarena Ortega
Margarita Rojas

Albert Garcia

Technical Support
Washington Neira