Save Me

Original Music Video. Months of craft, ideas and styling have gone into our latest self-initiated project, developed and hand made at Trizz, the creative animation studio out of Barcelona known for its artful directing, design and animation on commercials.

“Save Me” is a new music video that touches the soul and essence of a young boys inner creative battles and is scored with heart felt music (soon to be independently released out of Portland).

The boy protagonist, Rafa, lives in the world of a sensitive, young country kid who is overloaded with imagination and confronted with the possibilities of self-expression and technology. Intentionally the core story is shaped with a naïve simplicity and hints at the places where inspiration evolves.

“Save Me” started off as a 5 seconds test project. Trizz director and co-founder Oriol Puig was drawn to the musician’s song, called him up for a chat which ended up triggering a 4 minute original film to the music.

The design concept of mixed media, with an emphasis on photo realistic rendering, was integral to deepening the story mood.

Starting with the boy character Rafa, who was modelled and animated in 3d to look like an older technique of hand made claymation, our team then built the miniature house out of wood and mini tiles and lots of glue and nestled it all within a real forest – little plants from the local garden centre that provided the set for capturing real filmed backgrounds.

With the 3d animation completed, our illustrator then drew and animated the 2d “interactive sky” effects and finally everything was rendered together and composed into the master film.

Visually and musically, this story speaks of the creative process in all of us – and shows that sometimes during the discovery for implementing an idea, that there are waves of inspiration, frustration, anger and surprise.

In the end there is a very positive outcome, scaling a personal edge we also learn something new about ourselves.



Music by: Fernando Viciconte
Track: Save Me

Original Idea / Script: Trizz
Director: Oriol Puig and the Trizz team
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
3D Supervisor: Oriol Mayolas
Animation Director: Hugo García
2D design and animation: Javier Vaquero
Art Direction: Oriol Puig / Oriol Mayolas
Set Design: Albert García Vila
Set Construction: Albert García Vila / Laura Ibañez
Animators: Hugo García / David Llopis
Modeling: Oriol Mayolas
Modeling ( hair ): Kepa Casado
Additional Modeling: Ariadna Ollé / Luis Guzmán
Compositing: Oriol Puig
Rigging: Joan Buhigas
Cloth Animation: Joan Buhigas / Ariadna Ollé
Additional 2D animation: Bojan Pantelic
3D scanning: Oriol Mayolas / Ariadna Ollé
Editing: Oriol Puig / Oriol Vives
Making Of: Ariadna Ollé